The administrative law deals with the legal relationships between the public power in all its spheres (federal, state, and municipal), on one hand, and citizens and companies on the other hand, when services, acts, contracts, public goods, or restrictions imposed on individual rights due to state activity are involved. In the exercise of the powers granted to them by the Constitution and laws, agents and organs of public powers often act with arbitrariness, without strict obedience to the law to which they should submit. The Polibio & Lago law firm’s work in this area is aimed at defending citizens and entrepreneurs who have been victims of abuses by public agents, organs, and entities, for example, in the scope of administrative processes for licenses and authorizations, contests, bids, and contracts.

Interpretation and compliance with administrative contracts, civil public actions, and actions of administrative misconduct, such as Administrative Misconduct. Disciplinary Administrative Proceedings. Writs of Mandamus. Bids and administrative contracts. Appeals in public processes and contests. Public Servants. Expropriation and Administrative Easement. Tax Executions. Administrative fines. Operating Permits. Other issues of Administrative Law.

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