We have extensive experience in defending consumer rights by proposing various legal actions before Special Courts and Consumer Relations Courts. In advisory services, our team combines experience and technical expertise to suggest measures and procedures aimed at preventing or mitigating losses to our clients.

Therefore, P&L’s action is focused on seeking satisfaction of its clients’ consumer rights, whatever they may be. The legal assistance provided by the firm covers various problems arising from consumer relations, such as:

  • Interruption in the supply of essential services, such as water and electricity
  • Enrollment of the consumer’s name in debtor registries such as SPC and SERASA
  • Flight delays and cancellations or lost luggage
  • Denial of medical services or medication by health insurance plans
  • Defects or malfunctions in products or services
  • Improper charges

We provide assistance or follow-up in negotiations, administrative procedures, or legal proceedings. We also handle civil liability arising from consumer accidents and defects in products and services, actions related to health plans, medical law, over-indebtedness, debt collection, urgent measures in Consumer Law, and other consumer law issues.

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