Insurance and Private Pension

Insurance Law is the area of law responsible for ensuring compliance with the norms and principles that regulate the insurance contract, where one person (the policyholder) grants to another (the insurance entity or company) the risk of a possible eventuality occurring in their own or someone else’s legal sphere (occurrence of a claim), in exchange for a certain payment (premium).

Thus, the law firm of Polibio & Lago works to defend the interests of policyholders and insurers, whether they are legal entities or individuals, against abuses committed against what is provided for in the Insurance Law, the Consumer Protection Code, and the Civil Code.

The Polibio & Lago law firm also assists clients with pension systems through monthly contributions, so that the insured will be entitled, after the waiting periods have been exceeded, to pension benefits in situations of disability, illness, death, old age, as well as many other situations.

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