Public Tenders

Polibio & Lago Advogados has specialized expertise in public contests, with experience in the largest selection processes ever held in the country. We provide assistance and support throughout the entire public contest process, from analyzing the regulations, requests for clarification, hetero-identification boards, physical aptitude tests (TAF), administrative challenges, and judicial action to defend our clients’ rights and ensure their appointment and taking office.

Whether in public contests to fill permanent positions or to create a reserve list, at the federal, state, or municipal levels, our specialized P&L service is combating illegalities committed by the government, such as arbitrariness in disqualifying candidates throughout the phases of the contest or at the time of appointment, undue restrictions in the regulations, recognition of unlawful outsourcing, preterition of successful candidates in the contests due to the irregular occupation of vacant positions, among others.

Check out the list below of the most common topics in our specialized legal services for public contests:

Recognition of the candidate’s subjective right to appointment and/or taking office:

  • Candidate approved within the number of available positions and not appointed after the expiration of the public contest period;
  • Preterition due to disrespecting the ranking order of the contest;
  • Overcoming legal problems that occurred during the public contest:
  • Illicit disqualification in psychological testing;
  • Cancellation of questions by the Judiciary Power;

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