Real Estate, Notarial, and Registry

The real estate market is a dynamic sector that, while providing great investment opportunities, presents a series of risks that must be taken into account by companies and individuals. At this point, hiring adequate legal advice is essential to have the necessary legal security regarding real estate transactions. We offer personalized and excellent legal support so that our clients can eliminate or minimize the risks involved in real estate deals, both in the consultative and litigation fields.

In this sense, P&L provides real estate advisory services in the following areas:

  • Rentals: legal advice on residential and non-residential leases, as well as filing eviction actions and collection of overdue rent, renewal actions, rental revision actions, etc.;
  • Legal security in the acquisition of real estate (“due diligence”): Care in the purchase and sale of real estate aiming at fraud prevention, purchase of real estate in judicial auctions, third-party embargoes, preparation of promises of purchase and sale, compulsory adjudication, etc.;
  • Condominiums: legal advice to condominiums and judicial and extrajudicial collection of condominium debts, neighborly rights, etc.;
  • Real Estate Consumer Law: actions against construction companies for delay in work or defects in quality or quantity of the acquired property, actions against construction companies for withdrawal in the purchase of real estate with the return of the amount paid (“distracts”), etc.;
  • Possessory and squatter actions;
  • Real estate development: legal advice for builders and developers; Advice on the acquisition and regularization of real estate. Judicial and extrajudicial squatter rights. Preparation of real estate contracts, their review, and termination (withdrawal and termination). Liability for construction defects and delays in the delivery of the property. Real estate consultancy. Real estate development. Implementation and regularization of condominiums. Condominium regularization. Subdivisions. Establishment and advisory to the residents’ association.

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