The Office

Polibio & Lago Advogados, a firm founded with the mission of providing legal advice and assistance with technical excellence in advisory and litigation areas, for individuals and companies, in the most diverse areas of law.

Our trajectory is marked by total transparency, ethics, discretion, credibility, agility, seriousness and professionalism, generating a lasting and trusting relationship with our clients, always with a human and holistic view of the Law.

Nossa Equipe

Polibio Hélio Lago

Polibio Hélio Lago graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Salvador, has been a militant lawyer for over 4 decades, author of several legal, poetic and musical works. He communicates in Spanish and Esperanto.

Lorena Lago

Lorena Lago has a degree in Law from UNIFACS (2012), a lawyer specializing in Civil Procedural Law lato sensu and in Procedural Labor Law from the Escola de Magistratura da Bahia, with work carried out with the State Public Ministry and Caixa Econômica Federal.

Lucas Lago

Lucas Lago holds a law degree from Faculdade Baiana de Direito (2014), a lawyer specializing in Real Estate, Notarial and Registry Law, Labor and Social Security Law from UNISC, Civil Procedural Law from Faculdade Baiana de Direito and in Finance, Investments and Banking from PUC -RS, with studies and work abroad, especially in Germany, the United States and Taiwan, in addition to work developed with the Companhia de Docas of the State of Bahia, the Regional Labor Court of the 5th Region and law firms in Brazil and abroad.

William Victor

William Victor graduated in Law from the Federal University of Bahia (2022), lawyer, with work developed with the Public Ministry of the State of Bahia, Regional Labor Court of the 5th Region and in notorious offices in the capital of Bahia and the state of São Paulo.

Leonardo Cabanelas

Leonardo Cabanelas, Bachelor’s Degree in Law from UNIFACS.


Executive secretary at Polibio & Lago Advogados for over 25 years.

Avenida Antônio Carlos Magalhães, nº 2487, Ed. Fernandez Plaza, 7º andar, Parque Bela Vista, Salvador-Bahia, CEP 40280-000